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Acme Web Design 11 in 1

Acme Web Design 11 in 1 (AIO)
Acme Web Design 11 in 1 (AIO)

Application list:
1. Web Design Toy
2. Web Email Cloaker
3. Web Traffic Counter
4. Html Code Cut
5. Html Color Codes
6. Keyword Explorer
7. Keyword Research Gadget
8. Php Cache Kit
9. eBiz monitor
10. Amity Source Userbar Generator v2.2
11. Build Your First Web Page with HTML
Web Design Toy - Type HTML and See it Live!

Web Design Toy provides a deceptively simple split-window layout. Whatever HTML is typed in the editor window is instantly shown in web-page form in the display window. The result is an instant feedback learning tool - a perfect companion for any HTML course or tutorial.

To use, download the program and run. The program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation (it can also be run directly from fixed media such as Flash card or CD).

Deceptively simple, Web-Design-Toy helps students quickly get over difficult learning curves such as tables and CSS styles. It's a fantastic companion for any HTML course, tutorial or book.

Web-Design-Toy is a single compact executable with no spyware or even DLL dependencies. It is part of a growing collection of freeware web tools available here at Acme Web Design.

Features of Acme Web-Design-Toy :

Simplifies learning HTML by providing the student with instant feedback
It's simple! No training required and no learning curve

Web Email Cloaker - Beat the Spam Spiders with Email Cloaking

Web Email Cloaker is a simple utility for webmasters to beat the spam-spiders by cloaking email contact information in obfuscated or complex JavaScript code. Web Email Cloaker uses multiple methods of cloaking together to create email contact code that displays correctly but is utterly unreadable by email-hunting spam robots.

To use, just download the program and run. The program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation (it can also be run directly from fixed media such as Flash card or CD).

The software is extremely simple. Just type in an email address and Web Email Cloaker will generate two cloaked versions - one simple cloak and one advanced JavaScript cloak - ready to be pasted into a web page.

Web-Email-Cloaker is a single compact executable with no ad/spy-ware or DLL dependencies. It is part of a growing collection of freeware web tools available here at Acme Web Design.

Web Traffic Counter - Generate Cool Free Web Page Counters

Web Traffic Counter is a simple and easy-to use utility which generates fun disposable counters for use on personal web pages and auctions.

Unlike other counter services, there is no need to set up accounts, no limits on commercial or large-quantity use and no confusing sign-up forms to hassle the user.

To use, just download and run! The program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation (it can also be run from fixed media). A list of over 100 fun, original counter styles is presented for selection. After selection, HTML code is generated and copied to the Windows clipboard. It literally takes less than 10 seconds for even a novice to add a fun counter to a web page or ebay auction item.

Web Traffic Counter is a single compact executable with no spyware or even DLL dependencies. It is part of the growing collection of freeware web tools available here at

HTML-Code-Cut -- free HTML Code Tools

HTML-Code-Cut is a simple, useful little tool to mass-replace sections of your HTML code. Just define the start and end marker and then drag in ten or ten thousand files to go under the knife.

HTML-Code-Cut installs no files and requires no installation. It does save your last settings to the Registry but it has a convenient right-click menu to clear out all registry settings.

Go ahead and try it out. If you do a lot of text manipulation, you should definitely consider adding this little tool to your toolbox.

How to use HTML-Code-Cut
First of all, as you write or generate your HTML pages, make sure to block of sections with comments like:

In order to replace out such blocks, simply type the text of the beginning and ending markers, the replacement text and, finally, drag any files (or folders of files) into HTML-Code-Cut.

Now some of you might be asking me why not simply use a Server Side Include. Well, if you have lots of legacy HTML code which you want to shrink down by consolidating sections with SSI's, you can either do several thousand copy-and-pastes or simply use HTML-Code-Cut.

Warning: HTML-Code-Cut will search and replace through ANY files you drop in.
If you drop in a folder, HTML-Code-Cut will recursively search and replace every single sub-file in the folder.

HTML-Color-Codes -- free HTML Code Tools

HTML-Color-Codes, your personal pocket-palette! Practice safe HTML with this cute collection of web-safe colors! No install required, no nasty spyware, adware or other critters!

Go ahead and try it out. It makes a clean, compact and handy tool for the HTML toolbox.

How to use HTML-Color-Codes
It's a color palette, so you just mouse over the color you like and click. The HTML color code will be placed in the Windows clipboard, ready for pasting into your HTML code!

HTML-Color-Codes does not need to be installed, just save it in a folder somewhere and create a shortcut wherever you keep shortcuts to your HTML Coding tools. (I like to keep a shortcut to a folder of such tools on the Taskbar for quick access without clutter.)

The program does save it's position and size to the registry so if you ever want to delete it, first right click and select "Prepare HTML-Color-Codes for deletion." This will remove the associated registry key completely.

Keyword-Explorer -- a free tool which compiles the meta keywords of your competitors

Keyword-Explorer will jump-start your keyword research by quickly gathering and sorting by frequency all related keywords.

Sure, WordTracker is an indispensable tool but Keyword-Explorer will save you tons of time and money by first gathering a sorted list of the keywords that your competitors have settled on. Start where your competitors leave off instead of just following their footsteps.

Just enter a search term and let Keyword-Explorer build a sorted list of the best keywords from the best-performing websites. These are the keywords chosen by the best SEO experts in the field. In just a few seconds, you can reap the reward of years of work in keyword analysis -- by your competitors!

How to use Keyword-Explorer
Just enter any search phrase you are trying to target and hit ENTER. Keyword-Explorer will go out and grab a list of the top websites for that subject -- then it will start thorough the list gathering and counting keywords found in the webmasters' meta tags. These keyword lists are compiled together and sorted by keyword frequency. !

This process can take a while but you get a good list of keywords in only a few minutes. Press ESC at any time to stop the keyword gathering process. Click the clipboard icon above the list to copy the entire list into the windows clipboard for pasting into Excel, Notepad etc.

That's it! It's a simple tool with fantastic implications. This tool goes really well with our freeware keyword popularity tool (which actually sorts keywords by user search popularity): Keyword-Research-Gadget

Keyword-Research-Gadget -- a free tool for quick Keyword Popularity Research

Keyword-Research-Gadget is a simple tool to quickly survey popularity of all keywords related to yours. Just type in one or more keywords to generate a list of related phrases sorted by popularity. This tool makes it really easy to do quick and free keyword research. It's so easy you can use it every time you have to choose a title for an article or web page!

The Gadget does not require installation and can be uses directly from a flash drive or from a utilities folder

How to use Keyword-Research-Gadget
Just type a few keywords you wish to explore in the edit box (separate keywords with commas) and hit 'enter'. The just wait a few seconds while Keyword-Research-Gadget goes out and fetches related keyword phrases with keyword popularity statistics for each -- then compiles the phrase lists together into one cool popularity-sorted list.!

Once the list is compiled, pay close attention to the popularity slope indicated by the search count column. This can give you important insights into the potential traffic surrounding each phrase.

That's it! It's simple but very important. Stop keyword guessing and use real statistics to build your SEO plan! Good luck!

PHP-Cache-Kit - dramatically speed up your site with this easy-to-use PHP caching kit

PHP-Cache-Kit is a slim little PHP class which allow you to quickly and easily implement module-level caching into your PHP projects.

With some thoughtful caching, your site can scale upwards dramatically with existing infrastructure. Once you see it in action and understand how simple caching is to implement, you'll surely find lots of uses. PHP-Cache-Kit is easy to understand and simplified down to under a hundred lines of code.

Easy to integrate, flexible and blazingly fast - oh, and free too!

How to use PHP-Cache-Kit
Include cache-kit.php in your project and set the two global variables cache_active=true and cache_folder=(your desired cache repository folder)!

Now the trick is to identify self-contained modules that require lots of computation or time and yet do not need to be rebuilt every single time they are loaded. For example, a calendar widget might change only once a day so why rebuild it (will all the related DB calls etc) every single time? Instead, cache it with a refresh time of 20 minutes. Then it will be rebuild every twenty minutes only. If 500 people load the page during that time, they will get images served directly from the very very fast cache. Who cares it the calendar does not refresh until a few minutes after midnight.

Here's a little 10-second cached "hello world" example:

For All Programs:

No DLLs installed and no IE dependencies to conflict with other software
Compact and simple - no installation
Works with all versions of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Really freeware! No spy-ware, no ad-ware no parasites


Don't lose business to website downtime!

Download eBiz-Monitor Your Website Should be Available 24/7 -- but is it really?
Every day, thousands of small ecommerce websites like yours drop offline and stay down for hours ... even days before someone realizes what has happened! Your site probably goes down periodically and you don't even know it. Irresponsible hosting companies accidentally let your server go offline for an hour here or there. Hey, who's going to notice?

I just had the coolest webmaster experience!

The idea is simple, you drop a little "flag" code on your page and a distributed network of servers automatically keeps an eye on your site -- notifying you (by email and SMS text message) should your website ever go down.

Holy Cow, It worked!

Last week my site went down -- I'd exceeded my bandwidth quota so my pages just disappeared.

But not for long. My cellphone buzzed with a warning text message saying that my website was down. I immediately called my hosting company and within minutes my site was back online!

Now my website is just a hobby -- but imagine if I were an ecommerce ******er? That SMS warning could have saved me thousands of dollars easily! Wow!

The takeaway: if you have a website, you should definitely get the tool while it's still free! It takes about 10 seconds to add a new website (you don't even have to create an account) and your site is then 'guarded' from downtime. Very cool indeed!

Amity Source Userbar Generator v2.2

AmitySource Userbar Generator is an easy-to-use program for generating unique and attractive userbars. With it you can create nice-looking userbar within five minutes and without any technical or artistical knowledge. It has everything you need for creating personal userbars: you can choose colors, special effect, pattern, a glow effect, an overlay image for your composition. AmitySource Userbar Generator allows to save the created userbar in different popular formats.
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