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ALON Contact Guide for P910/P900/P800 is professional contact managerwhich offers quick contact search, full set of actions with contacts,one-hand operating, hot buttons and many other useful features.
Optional screen lock with auto lock opportunity
An opportunity of hiding/showing your phone number for contact groups
Exception list for closing all tasks by flip close
Fixed bug
All actions with contacts: dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, contacts search, adding contacts, editing, support ofcategories, etc.
Quick contacts search: you may quickly find the required contact even if your contacts database contains thousands of contacts.
One-hand operating: all standard actions - dialing, contacts search can be done without stylus using only Jog Dial.
Multilingual support and interface: German, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Polish localizations
Synchronized Flip Open and Flip Closed modes
Customize personal settings: you may make your contacts database looks like you want.

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