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Best Dates v1.06

BestDates is a useful utility that helps you organize and view anniversaries in a handy way. This application has a buildin reminder that will remind you about an anniversary and write an SMS/EMail or Call the person who has a birthday.
Dates view
This the main view of the application where you can see birthdays. Possible operations with them are shown below:
* New - creates new empty birthday record;
* New from Contacts - creates new birthday record with data from your Contacts application;
* Edit;
* Delete;
Every record has the following information about a birthday:
* First name;
* Last name;
* Birthdate;
* Photo;
* Reminder - when this option is turned on your record will be visible in Calendar application;
* Prefix text - text before First name and Last name in Calendar record;
* Reminder time - time of calendar appointment;
* Alarm - the same field as alarm field in calendar record;
* Days before;
* Alarm time;

Best Dates v1.06
Best Dates v1.06
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