Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 3, 2007

Smart DVD CD Burner v3.0.71

Smart DVD/CD Burner is an easy-to-use and effective DVD/CD burningsoftware for Beginners and Professionals. With this burning program youcan create high-quality CD (audio/data) and DVD discs, containing yourmusic and files.
Full Drag and Drop support, Importing multi-session DVD/CDs, BurningMusic CD directly from MP3/OGG/WMA/WAV files, On-the-fly recording,Erasing re-writable discs, Supporting majority of modernIDE/USB/SCSI/FireWire DVD/CD writers drive, Supporting bufferprotection systems (BURN-Proof) and more are all included in the latestversion of Smart DVD/CD Burner.
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