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Spyware Doctor™ 4.0 for Windows

Spyware Doctor™ 4.0 for Windows
Award-winning spyware protection to secure your PC against privacy and tracking threats.
Spyware Doctor - spy doctor spyware detector is a multi-award winning spyware detector and removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats from your PC. Did you know that every keystroke, every website and conversation can be recorded or monitored by people or companies that may have installed software on your PC, typically without your knowledge? Learn more about the importance of removing spyware with our Spyware Insight, a power Spy Doctor, Spyware Detector software for you !

When you consider the amount of valuable personal information stored on your PC, including credit card and banking details, personal e-mails and documents, shopping and browsing habits, the risks of having software intruders become obvious. Known consequences of spyware and adware include identity theft, computer problems, slow Internet access, changed homepage and favorites, and excessive numbers of adware generated adverts.

Anti-virus software and firewalls do not fully protect your system against the majority of spyware and privacy threats. Spyware is commonly bundled with software downloads, attached to e-mails, or transmitted through networks so it can appear to be legitimate software, but once installed it can be nearly impossible to detect and remove without the help of a dedicated spyware detector and removal program like Spyware Doctor...
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