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Steganos Safe 2007 9.0.5

Steganos Safe is a standalone module of Steganos Security Suite, designed for users who want or need strong data encryption for their laptops and PCs. Steganos Safe contains four virtual drives in which you can securely encrypt up to 256 GB* of data: Your film archive and other sensitive data can be made secure in no time. After opening the Safe, applications can automatically be started up for added user convenience.
For example a digital imaging software starts when the Safe containing your pictures is opened. Automatic Crash Protection (ACP) ensures that your data is encrypted, even in the event of an abnormal system shutdown or power failure.Steganos Safe is a security tool that allos you encrypt data.
Unsafe passwords are automatically stopped: an in-built dictionary with almost half a million terms checks each password you enter. In this way, you can avoid using common - and therefore unsafe - passwords.
The integrated Steganos Portable Safe offers the perfect protection for when you are on the move: sensitive data is simply saved in a data safe, then written to a CD, DVD, memory card etc. and can be decrypted on any PC without the need for additional software.
Also includes the Steganos Shredder which destroys unwanted data quickly and definitively using the technology employed by the US military or the highly secure Gutmann method. With the help of the integrated Deep Cleaning Shredder, unwanted data is removed from the hard drive without a trace...
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