Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 3, 2007

Sven Mach’s noch einmal -Sven 7 -Do it again, Sven

The new Sven-title combines tradition with innovation
The glorious home coming of a Casanova in sheepґs clothing
After two successful excursions into the world of the Jump & Run genre, the blackest sheep of them all for casual gamers returns on February 15th with his newest game Do it again, Sven to familiar surroundings – the lush green meadows in which he has made a name for himself as the wooly lover. On his arrival, he meets some old acquaintances whose design has been adapted to resemble the modern look of Sven Up and Down! and Sven and the Fabulous Lovebirds. But the gameplay and objective are still based on the little ram’s classic games: by skillfully maneuvering and fast reactions Sven has to make all sheep in the meadow happy....
As a new feature, Do it again, Sven provides different play modi and allows the player to compete with a friend on the same PC – around the clock! The display of light within the levels adjusts depending on the respective time setting of the player’s PC. So Sven can seduce his sheep in the light of the setting sun, beneath a starry sky or even in the early hours of dawn...
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