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WebGate Advanced Device Locks v1.01 UIQ SymbianOS7

AdvancedDevice Locks is a Symbian OS application for locking the phone orselected applications only, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Videoor any other.
Advanced Device Locks is a Symbian OS applicationfor locking the phone or selected applications only, such as Messages,Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other. With Advanced Device Locks youcan secure important information and personal data stored on your phoneby locking it up with a secret code up to 7 characters long. With ADLthe information in the phone will be protected even if the phone isstolen.
Advanced Device Locks allows you to lock your phone automatically by choosing one of the following options:

* Always - each time the phone is turned on, it asks for the unlock code.

* When SIM Changed - the locks are on if the SIM card of the phone is changed.

* Automatic lock - an automatic lock is switched on after a specified period of inactivity in minutes.

* Protected applications - this option turns on the device locks if someone tries to access the protected applications.

WithAdvanced Device Locks you have the unique option to choose whether tolock the phone itself, to lock selected applications on it or tocombine these two options and lock both the phone and certainapplications. The lock code can be changed very easily only with a fewclicks.

Registration Key Information

The trial version ofthe software is limited for 7 days. The full version of the software isunlocked by a registration key provided upon purchase. The registrationkey is based on the unique IMEI provided and the application can beused exclusively on the device it is licensed for. The key cannot beretrieved and applied to other devices.

Important notice: For the default unlock code, please refer to the user manual.
User Manual

Detailed User Manual is available at:
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WebGate Advanced Device Locks v1.01 UIQ SymbianOS7
WebGate Advanced Device Locks v1.01 UIQ SymbianOS7
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