Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 4, 2007

CA Personal Firewall 2007

CA Personal Firewall provides complete, business-strength hacker and privacy protection. It stops hacker attacks, automatically delivers up-to-the-minute advice about which programs are safe and which are dangerous, blocks annoying pop-ups, controls cookies, and protects you against identity theft.

New Features for 2007!
• Home Protection Pack - Protect up to 3 PCs.
• New and improved user interface offers simplicity and superior ease-of-use.
• Now based on Tiny SoftwareĀ® technology, widely regarded as best-of-breed firewall software protection.
• Secure Now - provides proactive protection.
• Application Hardening - applications can block hacker attempts and run more safely.

Key Features:
• New! Application Hardeningoffers advanced sandboxing technology (for Windows XP and 2000) to protect CA security products from attacks by hackers, allowing the applications to run more safely and securely.
• New!Secure Nowprovides proactive protection by monitoring critical program functions and settings, and reminding you to keep your security at an optimal level.
• Improved! Personal Firewall Protection offers the same industrial-strength hacker and privacy protection with a more integrated look-and-feel, providing you with seamless and easy to manage personal firewall protection.
• Improved! User Interface offers simplicity and superior ease-of-use, helping you quickly and easily set preferences, check program status, and maintain a secure PC...
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