Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 4, 2007


USB-ToolBox combines various utilities into a standalone program that can be run from a USB drive. It offers a rather simple interface that includes a calendar, notepad, file explorer, ToDo list, password storage, system information and more. It also includes tools to unzip/unrar files, shred files, an FTP client and a small email client. USB-ToolBox includes a wide variety of gadgets, however all of them are very basic and lack documentation.

- Favorites-Import and own linklist
- eMail-Client with addressbook and all common features, runs from the USB-drive
- Password protection
- Backup-managment
- Synchronization
- Contacts
- FTP-Client
- File-Tools (to split, shredder, encrypt, zip/rar files easily)
- Explorer and image-viewer (to see pictures)
- Calender with note-function
- Spreed-Sheet
- File-Safe
- Password-Safe
- Notepad and Password-Management
- Shortcut-Management and links to system-tools
- Document-Management on the USB-drive
- Calculator
- To-Do-List
- System-Info
- Misc-Tools (Countdown, Snake, Wetris, ..)
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